If you are looking for a highly respected, highly paid and most reliable profession then being an Oracle DBA will not disappoint you. Below are the advantages of becoming an Oracle DBA.

  • High respect
  • High salary
  • High visibility job
  • Huge market
  • Contacts with top level management
  • Long term projects
  • No impact of Outsourcing
  • Remote DBA opportunities
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Day to day activities are very easy
  • Over time
  • Deadlines set by you. Not by others.


CNN ranked Database Administrator as Top 5th profession under BEST JOBS IN AMERICA 2012. Take a look at this link.http://money.cnn.com/pf/best-jobs/2012/snapshots/5.html

So if you made up your mind to become an Oracle DBA then next step is to take training in Oracle Database Administration. Learning Oracle Database Administration from InventusInc is your first step towards success as an Oracle DBA. This course has been designed to give you a firm foundation as an Oracle DBA and an in-depth understanding of Oracle administrative concepts. Hands-on exercises are used to demonstrate each feature and you will gain first-hand experience in the key Oracle DBA concepts.

Below are the benefits of learning Oracle Database Administration from InventusInc.

  • We understand some of you don’t have prior IT experience.
  • Lab access is provided to practice the concepts learned in training.
  • Study material is provided for each concept.
  • Each theoretical session is followed by a practical session with real time examples.
  • Additional classes are provided to get you up to speed if you think you are lagging.
  • We cover performance tuning and this is the most left out session by other trainers. Because we know this makes difference to crack a difficult interview.
  • Rear Application Clusters practical implementation and administration. We have the hardware to implement this.
  • Active/Physical/Logical data guard practical implementation and administration.
  • ASM practical implementation and administration.
  • We just don’t teach you Oracle Database Administration. We will teach you the philosophy required to tune a performance issue, to perform an upgrade. We fought hard to learn these things and we wanted to pump all experience into you.
  • We provide interview questions and many other placement resources